Perth Auto Suspension specialises in luxury European cars but also caters to a huge range of services for any car problems you may be experiencing, all completed to your car manufacturer’s standards. Using only the highest quality automotive parts from certified suppliers.
Perth Auto Suspension mechanics are a team of highly skilled professionals who are always ready to get the job done. Feel free to contact our dedicated staff for some advice.


We offer everything from one-off minor services, to standard check-ups, yearly services and full log book services. Each service type is quoted at a reasonable price. Contact us to learn more.


Every Minor Service at Perth Auto Suspension includes a full oil and oil filter change and safety check (plus oil and parts).


They Standard Service at Perth Auto Suspension includes a change of engine oil and oil filter, brake inspection and a visual inspection with a comprehensive vehicle safety report.


With Perth Auto Suspension’s Major Service, you will receive engine oil and oil filter changes, electronic tune-up, fuel system check, brake inspections and comprehensive safety checks. The service also includes a written vehicle safety report.


Perth Auto Suspension has licensed technicians who are authorised to carry out New Car manufacturer's log book services. We only use parts that meet manufacturer’s standards, following their service procedures. You can expect a stamped log book and manufacturer's log book upon service completion.



Perth Auto Suspension caters to a wide range of repairs and long-term maintenance for any car problems you may be experiencing. All services are completed to your car manufacturer’s standards by using high-quality automotive parts and certified suppliers.

Our repair and maintenance services range from engine diagnostics and repair, brakes, tire repair, steering alignment, batteries, suspension, air-conditioning, radiator, electronic tuning, transmission service and more.


At Perth Auto Suspension, we offer comprehensive break service inspections and break pad replacements, using only parts that meet required standards. Contact us for a free courtesy check.


If your car has any troubles starting or if there is a strange sound coming out the engine, it’s best to tend to it immediately. Our skilled technicians are experienced in finding, fixing and changing motors efficiently, so you can use your car again in no time. Call us to find out more.


If your tyre tread is beginning to wear, we recommend that you replace them soon. Low tread can lead to dangerous situations when driving on wet surfaces and cause your car to skid. We offer tyre replacements and repairs at a reasonable price.


Is your car naturally veering to one side of the road? Or makes weird noises when driving over bumps? Suspension issues often have telltale signs; however, identifying the specific cause can open up a can of works. Let us resolve it for you as soon as possible.


Car batteries are crucial in keeping your car running. As a simple preventative measure, Perth Auto Suspension offers free electrical system and battery inspections in-store. We stock various car battery sizes from reputable distributors. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice.


Regularly scheduled transmission maintenance of your vehicle’s transmission fluid and filter change can help you save thousands of dollars from repairs. We provide transmission services using only top quality filters and oils recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with us and let our auto technicians help you diagnose the problem.


Radiators are a major component that help keep your car’s engine from overheating. Let us keep your car running at its peak performance. We perform radiator fluid exchanges, replacement of parts, and offer advice on cooling systems at the best prices.


Have you been experiencing loss of power in you car? Or lack of response when accelerating? Our skilled technicians will perform a comprehensive tune-up and analyse your vehicle’s performance to get your car running smoothly on the road again. Have peace of mind knowing that your car is in good hands with Perth Auto Suspension.


Stay cool this every summer with Perth Auto Suspension’s air conditioning re-gas and service repair. Our experienced auto technicians have handled many A/C service and repairs to recognise that first sign of trouble and stop it in its tracks.


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